gProfiler 101

It takes about five minutes to get gProfiler up and running, and involves zero code changes or interruptions.

Why gProfiler?

Profiling production code allows DevOps and developer teams to avoid the guessing game, map resource-heavy processes and deep-dive down to the function level. It also helps them stay informed, and understand from post-deployment to production the impact of their code on expensive computing resources. Identifying and debugging performance bottlenecks through profiling allows application optimization including lower latency, higher throughput and reduced service costs.

gProfiler is a unique and value-added code profiling tool, due to its open source, always-on and system-wide nature. By aggregating resource utilization data from profiling nodes in the cluster and across multiple environments, DevOps and developers get a comprehensive and live understanding of what is demanding their machines’ resources. gProfiler is also free, requires no code changes or complicated installation, and has a performance penalty of less than one percent.

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