Kubernetes Components Filter

The Kubernetes components filter allows gProfiler users to filter what’s visible on their profiling interface by Container name, Host name, and by specific Kubernetes deployment objects.

With native Kubernetes filters, users can deploy gProfiler once on their entire cluster, and profile down from the deployment to the pod level without having to deploy a profiler for each one of these objects. DevOps and development teams can investigate the behavior of specific deployments, pods, nodes, and hosts across different regions and code versions.

The components of each filter you create via the Editor follow the sequence of [field] [modifier] [value], for example [Container name] [is] [server_frontend].

  • Fields: Kubernetes object, Host name, Container name

  • Modifiers: is

  • Values: The unique name of one of your containers, for example.

Fields include specific Kubernetes objects, Host names and Container names. Kubernetes object refers to Deployment set, Replica set or Daemonset. Host and Container names refer to the actual name of the host machine and container.

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