ECS Daemonset

For users who want to deploy gProfiler on their clusters and manage them via ECS, the first step is to navigate to AWS, then ECS, and then to click on the option Create a New Task Definition. Choose EC2 and then scroll down to the Configure via JSON option.

  • Replace the JSON contents with the contents of the gprofiler_task_definition.json file and ensure you change the following values:

    • Replace <token> in the command line with your token you got from the gProfiler Performance Studio site

    • Replace <service name> in the command line with the service name you wish to use

  • Note: If you wish to see the logs from the gProfiler service, be sure to follow the AWS guide on how to auto-configure logging, or to set it up manually yourself

  • Click Save

  • Click Create

Deploying the gProfiler Service

  • Go to your ECS Clusters and enter the relevant cluster

  • Click on Services, and choose Create

  • Choose the EC2 launch type and the granulate-gprofiler task definition with the latest revision

  • Enter a service name

  • Choose the Daemon service type

  • Click Next step until you reach the Review page, and then click Create Service

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